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About Us...

COMFORT FACILITATORS was founded in February 2007 and is located in Richmond, VA. Comfort Facilitators is a woman-owned business.

COMFORT FACILITATORS is a Virginia DMAS ("Department of Medial Assistance Services") approved Consumer Directed Services - Services Facilitator. We assist the individuals on the following Waivers:  (1) Elderly and Disabled Persons with Consumer Directed ("EDCD"); (2) Individuals and Family Developmental Disabilities (IFDDS/DD);

(3) Intellectual Disabilities (ID); and Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment ("EPSDT") by providing them with means to stay in their homes and communities while achieving a better quality of life from education, training and resources for their specific needs.

COMFORT FACILITATORS assist Medicaid and Medicare client with hiring family members, loved ones or someone they know and trust to assist them with daily ADLs, IADLs and Sp. Maint. tasks. These services are paid by Medicaid and/or Medicare and does not cost it's client any out-of-pocket funds in most case, as long as they've been approved for one of the above Waiver Services.

COMFORT FACILITATORS also participates in the Commonwealth Coordinated Care (CCC) Program which is a Medicaid and Medicare program for those who qualify, and is currently registered with Humana and VA Premier; Anthem is another agency accepting CCC clients but Comfort Facilitators has decided not to register with them but is able to accept these client for a period of six (6) month then would have to transfer to another agency who accepts Anthem... we do not wish to take on these clients and burden them with transferring in six (6) months, but if there is a circumstance of finding someone in a timely manner to prevent delays in services, we may consider accepting that case.


To assist our clients and their loved ones with means to remain in their homes and communities avoiding placement in an institution.

What is a Service Facilitator?

A “Service Facilitator” is a Medicaid-enrolled provider who is responsible for:

  • Supporting you (or your family member / caregiver when he or she is acting as an employer on your behalf), by ensuring the development and monitoring of the Consumer-Directed Services as described in your services plan (companion, personal assistance, and/or respite services);

  • Providing you with training on how to be an effective employer; and 

  • Completing ongoing services review activities as required by you and the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS).

More specifically, a Service Facilitator:

  • Makes sure that you are signed up for the services you need, that these services are on your service plan, and that the services are approved and preauthorized.

  • Helps you develop your service plan.

  • Reviews the Consumer-Directed (CD) Employer Manual and this Self-Direction Easy Speak Questions and Answers document with you and your family or caregiver, as appropriate.

  • Trains you on the tasks required of an employer, including how to fill out required paperwork.

You may discuss your employer concerns and questions with the Service Facilitator at any time.


The Service Facilitator must be an enrolled Medicaid provider, but cannot be:

  1. You;

  2. Your spouse;

  3. Your parent, if you are a minor; or

  4. A family member or caregiver who is also the CD employer.

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PHONE:  804/212-2044



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Please note that we understand that this number 804/212-2044 is having issues with continuous ringer and disconnects... we're considering a different provider and number... in the meantime, please contact your assigned Rep. or the owner directly if you're new,  an insurance company or seeking general information.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  


Hours of operation:

Mon. - Fri. 9a - 6p

(If you know who your "Home Visit Rep./SF is, they're often available to you seven (7) days a week and outside normal business hours.)

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